Rambam’s Vals and Sal


Co-Valedictorian Michael Akhavan

Michael Akhavan distinguished himself early on at Rambam and was quickly known as someone with exemplary midos, as well as someone eager to contribute to the school culture and to Am Yisroel.

As gabbai of the Sephardic minyan, Michael strove to create an atmosphere of Ahavas Hashem and achdus. He shepherded the school’s weekly Torah publication, Hamasmid. He was a debate captain and a stalwart member of Rambam’s basketball team and Yachad club. He is a member of the Arista Honor Society and even won Rambam’s CBS Survivor Tzedakeh Challenge.

Michael is kind, humble, and epitomizes the idea of a ben Torah.

He plans to study at Sha’alvim next year and continue his Torah learning in the U.S. while attending the Queens College scholars program.

Co-Valedictorian Akiva Schuck

Conscientious, creative, and a stellar character are the trademarks of Akiva Schuck. His academic prowess was recognized from the time he applied to school four years ago and was named a Rambam scholar. During high school, his achievements earned him membership to the Arista/National Honor Society.

Excelling in all of his academic studies and being a budding talmid chochom, Akiva is respected by Rambam’s administration, faculty, and student body. His wonderful midos endear him to everyone who meets him. He is a well-rounded individual who participates in various sports teams, extracurricular activities, was involved in the school’s weekly Torah publication, Hamasmid, and is frequently found in the Bais Medresh “just to learn.”

Akiva plans to attend Yeshiva University after spending time in Israel in Yeshivas Netiv Aryeh.

Salutatorian Doniel Fodiman

Doniel Fodiman is always seen walking around with a sefer and a book. His commitment to halacha, intellectual curiosity, and drive for truth set him apart as the quintessential Torah U’Madda man.

Doniel was integral to the success of the school’s Torah Bowl, Poetry, and Tennis teams. He founded the Rambam Medieval Jewish Poetry Club while writing for AIPAC and serving in Lev Leytzan, the Compassionate Clown Society.

Doniel plans on learning in Yeshivat Har Etzion (Gush) and then staying in Israel to continue both his kodesh and college studies. Wherever he goes, there is confidence he will have a meaningful thought, a kind word, and a warm smile for everyone he meets.