New app out of KGH eyes shidduch crisis


The shidduch crisis is nothing new. Since the times of Avraham Avinu, Jews have faced the challenge of finding the right spouse. 

The Auntie Matchmaking app, out of Kew Gardens Hills and under the rabbinical oversight of Rabbi Daniel Rosenfelt of YIKGH, puts parents in the driver’s seat and empowers them to help their loved ones find their bashert.

Unlike most dating apps which are for the singles themselves, Auntie is not for singles at all. Rather, it is based off of the rabbinic dictum (Bava Kama 92a) that one who davens for someone else and is in similar straits will be answered first. This concept of davening for somebody else is in contrast to the typical Jewish dating app, which aims to mimic secular dating apps and provide a platform for young Jewish singles to meet. 

Auntie Matchmaking employs Jewish concepts from the time of Avraham himself, tackling the shidduch crisis from a new direction. It is made primarily for parents to play the role of shadchan and matchmaker for their children, but it is also available to professional matchmakers, family members, and even friends — anyone who would assist in finding a shidduch for someone they care about. 

“As rabbis we try our hardest to help singles in our community, said Rabbi Rosenfelt. “Auntie is an incredibly user-friendly app that empowers you to act as a shadchan and help singles find someone. We are blessed to have Auntie as a resource to help with shidduchim in the Jewish Community.”

Auntie Matchmaking is currently available only for Apple iPhone users, in the app store. It is in its earliest testing stages, so expect it to be imperfect and changing daily as the developers get valuable feedback.

An application is only as good as its community, so users are urged to get friends and family to use Auntie. Every user will automatically be entered in a $300 Amazon raffle.

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