Message from the editor of The Jewish Star


I am grateful to Hashem for the privilege of editing The Jewish Star for communities filled with exceptional people who are devoted to the entirety of klal Yisroel, where the community norm is for people to “walk the walk” and not simply “talk the talk.”


Speaking with just a few of the 1,800 atttendees at Achiezer’s gala on Sunday night in Atlantic Beach, I was reminded of how so many of our community members accept upon themselves a personal responsibility to each of their neighbors, and that they view each neighbor — as Achiezer expresses it — as “My Brother, My Helper.”

Boruch Ber Bender set an outstanding example in his founding and running of Achiezer — as did his father, Rav Yaakov Bender, with his work in the education of our children — but as exemplary as their examples might be, with so much chesed in the Five Towns and Far Rockaway, they are not unique.

The Jewish Star

People tell me they value The Jewish Star’s professionalism and wonder why it isn’t … fatter. I’ve heard this so much that I recently added this line to our masthead: “Always Kosher and fat free.”

While we’re not anxious to publish a newspaper so large that it is a burden to page through, a little more heft wouldn’t hurt (and you will hopefully appreciate more local news, more stories about our children, and more divrei Torah). If you enjoy The Jewish Star please tell your friends and neighbors why you like it and that you are pleased to bring it into your home each Shabbat. (And if there’s something that you don’t like, please let me know!)

Ask businesses and organizations that you interact with to support us both commercially (with advertising) and editorially (by keeping us posted on their news).

And one thing more: We need help. Not financial help — just the opposite, help we will pay for. For us to publish more articles, we need to enlarge our staff, and so we are hiring reporters, editors and sales representatives. Our full-time openings are employee positions with benefits. We offer exceptional opportunities to qualified individuals who would like to work in Jewish journalism (no fake news!). Our alumni have made significant marks in both Jewish and secular media. Watch for news of our job fair in February, but you can send your resume now to Jobs@The Jewish

18 years

Later this year, B”H, we will host a party to celebrate The Jewish Star’s 18th birthday (the paper has changed a lot since 2002) and I look forward to seeing many of you there. Meanwhile, I am easy to reach — by email ( or by phone (516-622-7461 ext 291).