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‘Meditations at Twilight’ On Genesis’ from Urim


Rabbi Moshe Sokolow, professor of Jewish Education at Yeshiva University, had this to say about “Meditations at Twilight on Genesis” by Rabbi Melvin Granatstein:

“When the Sages advised turning the Torah ‘over and over again’ to reveal new facets, they had Meditations at Twilight on Genesis in mind. Rabbi Granatsteins’s studies of the weekly parashah combine deep philosophical and literary insights, written in a lucid style that make them a pleasure to read.”

Rabbi Granatstein book presents a unique narrative for all of the major narratives in Genesis. It captures both the religious and moral underpinnings of the biblical narrative and text.

The essays contained in this work demonstrates to us that the Torah narrative is far more than just a listing of simple tales. Thus, thru this method we gain a special appreciation of the true value of the biblical text reflecting its value as a religious based text for us to accept.

This text exposes readers to the informed insights of the classical commentators of the Chumash in the traditional mode. Readers who are familiar with traditional study methods will gain a fresh perspective from the author’s style of scholarship.

Rabbi Granatstein was ordained at YU and served for close to four decades at the Green Road Synagogue in Cleveland, Ohio suburb of Beachwood. He was among the founders of the Mizrachi School in Cleveland and was head of its Vaad Hachinuch for many years, directing its educational programs.