M’dor L’dor at HALB


M’dor L’dor is an inspiring night that has been a HALB tradition for close to two decades.

The school’s fourth grade girls get to celebrate the glorious mesorah of their role as Jewish woman and mothers, and their love and appreciation for Am Yisrael and Medinat Yisrael.

The night begins kicked off with a buffet dinner followed by inspiring speeches from a mother, grandmother, and great grandmother chosen from the fourth grade parent body. There is then a video montage depicting each girl in the grade on her own slide, with pictures of her and the generations before her.

The evening’s highlight was a performance put on by the girls in the auditorium. The girls’ songs expressed their appreciation to the previous generations for setting them on the right path, along with tefillot for the chayalim in Israel.

The evening is culminated with a simcha dancing in which mother, grandmothers and students all take part in.