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Like Peri in marathon, Mets’ Wright didn’t give up


I had a choice to make. Do I write about the Mets this week? Or do I wait and see how they fare in The World Series. With my article due on the eve of the first game, I figure with all the Met’s hysteria and hype, I’d rather write about them now then take a chance and have to console everyone later, just in case, G-d forbid, they are not as Amazin’ as the seem to be.

I hate to admit it, but I’m actually caught up in Mets mania. As a diehard Braves fan, it’s not something I normally do. Yes, on occasion in the past I rooted for them if they were way behind the Braves in the standings and they were playing the Nationals, who were in first place. But most of the time, I’m rooting against them.

The only time you will find me (along with my daughter Jordana (in her Braves jersey, jacket and cap) in CitiField is when they play the Braves. We never miss a game, unless it’s on Shabbat. I take along my tomahawk, and when it’s clear we’re going to win, I take it out of my bag and do the chop. This year, I didn’t bother to bring it along, sad to say.

So how did I, a Chipper (Laaaaaaaary) loving, tomahawk toting, Los Bravos fan, come to cheer wildly for the Mets? One reason is that my future son in law, Dan Weichselbaum, is as diehard a Mets fan as I am a Braves fan. I actually think a doctor should be on standby with oxygen if they win series — or, come to think of it, they lose the series, perish that thought.

My daughter said, “You do know mom, that if it were the other way around, and the Mets were totally out of it, Dan would never root for the Braves.” I said, “Come on Jordana, of course he would do it for you and me.” “Not a chance,” she replied.

When Dan called that night, I told him how excited I was for him, and that I was wildly cheering for the Mets. His response: “You do know, that if it were the other way around, I’d never root for the Braves, I hate them.”

Guess that means I’m racking up lots of brownie points as a future mother in law. 

Another reason — or shall I say two reasons — why I’m rooting for them, are David Wright and Peri Finkelstein.

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