Article on Rabbi sparks memories

To the Editor:

Your article about Rabbi Chaim Aryeh Leib Schwartzblatt, a mashgiach at the JASA kosher kitchen in Far Rockaway, brought back memories [“From Holocaust’s ruins, a life of learning and teaching,” July 5].

The Rabbi Shulman, to whom he referred, who asked him to take on the position of mashgiach, was my late husband, Rabbi Nahum Shulman, a”h. For 20 years Rabbi Shulman was the Rabbi of Congregation Bais Tefila, the shul that served the JASA residents. In addition to serving as spiritual leader of the congregation, Rabbi Shulman was the Rav Hamachshir for the kosher kitchen, JASA’s large food program.

Rabbi Shulman’s appointment of Rabbi Schwartzblatt as mashgiach was an inspired decision. Rabbi Schwartzblatt has brought a unique personal history and Torah learning to his position.

My family and I wish him continued good health and fulfillment in all that he does.

— Mrs. Anita Shulman

No thanks, Jets!

To the Editor:

The following are excepts from a letter sent to the New York Jets concerning one of their offensive tackles, Oday Aboushi.

It has come to my attention that your 2013 fifth-round draft pick, Oday Aboushi, has recently expressed both anti-Israel and anti-Semitic sentiments on Twitter and in public settings. It is extremely disconcerting that the New York Jets, a team with a massive Jewish fan-base, continues to retain a player like this. NO team, for that matter, should have a person like this on their roster, regardless of their athletic ability.

Examples of Aboushi’s actions are the following:

In January, Aboushi tweeted a photo meant to smear both Israel and Jews in general. In the photo, an old woman looks down while three clearly Orthodox Jews converse in the background. Aboushi’s caption of the photo reads: “88 year-old Palestinian evicted from home in Jerusalem by Israel authorities to make room 4 Orthodox Jews.” Of course, nothing can be farther from the truth.

On April 19, Aboushi praised a conference sponsored by Islamic Relief, a charity that the Israeli government has labeled as a front for Hamas and other terrorist groups.

On Israel’s Independence Day, Aboushi tweeted “65th anniversary of the Nakba and Palestinians all across the world are still thriving.” The term “Nakba” is a derogatory term leveled at the State of Israel, as it refers to the establishment of Israel as a catastrophe and a day that should be mourned.

Most recently, Aboushi spoke at an anti-Israel conference hosted by the “El-Bireh Palestine Society.”

The logo of this society contains a graphic of the entire nation of Israel covered in a Palestinian flag, clearly indicating the organization’s belief that the State of Israel in its entirety should actually belong to the Palestinians.

I sincerely hope that the Jets make the right decision and release Aboushi, thus affirming that racism and hatred cannot be tolerated. — Elan Kirshenbaum

The Dunetz ‘flip’

To the Editor:

Perhaps Jeff Dunetz is confused.

In 2007 (and not in 1978, as he claims [“Unchanged Dunetz fights back,” July 12]), Dunetz strongly supported the legislation that created the PRISM program, and said nasty things about Congressional Democrats who opposed the legislation as an overreach.

Dunetz not only supported extensive surveillance of all phone calls coming into and out of the US, but actually called for ending judicial oversight over the surveillance. So the notion that Dunetz never thought FISA would lead to something like PRISM is simply untrue and frankly, disingenuous.

He strongly supported the legislation that created PRISM precisely because of the extensive surveillance powers it granted, and pilloried those who cautioned against it. 

— Michael Brenner