HALB Lions roar to soccer championship


After an undefeated season, the HALB Lions beat Yeshiva of North Jersey 7-3 to become this year’s champions. HALB started strong, with Atara Sicklick scoring the first goal within the first five minutes. YNJ’s Jaguars fought hard, but defenders Chana Spirn and Simona Goldberg challenged their offense. At the end of first half, the score was 4-0.

At second half, both teams came out fighting. Naomi Sigman did not disappoint, with another shot from the corner and notching another assist to put the score at 6-0. Just as it looked to be a shutout, the Jaguars pulled out all the stops, but thanks to rookie goalkeeper Tova Farber, were mostly held off. With 4 minutes left, HALB scored once again for a total of 7-3.

HALB is proud of the Lions’ success this season. Their teamwork and middot were excellent, on and off the court!