Halacha Bekiut program at SKA


With the introduction of the Beit Midrash Fellowship program at the Stella K. Abraham HS for Girls two years ago, SKA students have been benefiting from innovative and inspiring opportunities for religious growth. SKA Fellows, under the direction of Avital Braun, Rosh Beit Midrash, have contributed to the vibrant Torah atmosphere of the school while developing as impactful Judaic studies educators.

Sarah Berman, who joined the SKA program as a Fellow and Halacha teacher this year, introduced a popular voluntary initiative called the Halacha Bekiut Program, giving students in every grade the zechut to learn more Torah on their own. Using Rav Eliezer Melamed’s sefer, Peninei Halacha, over 45 SKA students are concentrating on special times such as Rosh Chodesh and Sefirat Haomer.  

Devoting just five minutes a day, Monday through Friday, with review on Shabbat and Sunday, the girls retain their learning with a weekly set of questions and Lunch and Learn with Ms. Berman. As an added incentive, girls get RISE credit and can earn money toward seforim; at the end of the year, top scorers will receive additional prizes.

The real prize? The SKA students see that taking on their own learning project is an incredible opportunity to connect to Torah in a personal way … all while gaining more knowledge in halacha.