HAFTR hosts model Congress tournament


State Senator Todd Kaminsky and his assistant, Mimi Goldman, helped to judge the Ann Neill Memorial Model Congress Tournament last Wednesday at HAFTR. More than 50 student from five schools — HAFTR, DRS, Ezra Academy, Yeshivah of Flatbush, and SAR — competed.

Students wrote bills prior to the tournament and then debated topics including statehood for Puerto Rico; a ban on high-capacity magazines; requiring driver’s tests for people 65 and over 65; full sanctions on Venezuela; cannabis legalization; upgrading U.S. Nuclear Systems; and campaign finance reform.

The tournament winners included:

1st Place: Elliott Ottensosser (HAFTR)

2nd Place: Jacob Barry (DRS), Eli Aghajani (Ezra), Benjy Gottesman (HAFTR)

3rd Place: Miriam Kopyto (HAFTR)

Finalists: Zack Goldberg (DRS), Yonatan Shiller (DRS), Michael Oved (Flatbush), Robert Adler (Flatbush), Eytan Libkind (HAFTR), Ben Klestzick (SAR)