Family roots, Jewish pride on display at HAFTR


Messages of Jewish pride, family continuity and history were front and center for HAFTR third graders who participated in the school’s M’Dor L’Dor: Generation to Generation program last week. 

Students escorted their special guests through galleries where photographs of their family artifacts — including religious symbols, documents and photographs — were on display. Many of the children are named for original owners of the artifacts, some of which came from periods when Jews were persecuted.

One student shared the mezuzah his grandparents were forced to remove from their front door. They saved it in the hope that a time would come when they could again be identified as having a Jewish home.

While each artifact and story was unique, Jewish traditions were a common thread throughout the galleries. The students also created a coat of arms with their family name.

The highlight of the evening was the grade’s musical performance of songs connecting the students to previous generations.