Editorial: I’m so glad we had this time...


Those of you who enjoyed the best of variety show television in the 1970s will surely recall Carole Burnett’s famous ear tug as she concluded each show. The signal of affection to her beloved aunt who was part of the viewing audience was accompanied by the melodic “I’m so glad we had this time together.”

As I go to print today, I find this tune to be an apropos expression of my sentiments. This will be my last issue as Publisher and Editor of The Jewish Star. I will be heading towards a position that takes me back in the direction of politics.

What’s most important to me, both personally and in any professional role, is that I continue in some small way to effect a change in the world. I am very grateful to have been the catalyst for the exchange of information and thought provoking ideas, all of which could not have possibly happened without my staff of wonderful writers; Alan Jay Gerber, Rabbi Avi Billet, Rabbi Binny Freedman, Rabbi Noam Himelstein, Jeff Dunetz, and Miriam Abraham. A special thanks to my talented friend Juda Engelmayer, who can speak to almost any issue and whose humor is ever present. No kitchen would be complete without my dear friend Judy Joszef. I’ve held myself to a two-word limit: You’re extraordinary.

What I will especially miss is the positive feedback that I have received from readers, often in town, or in shul, or while shopping at Gourmet Glatt. Greetings of “great job,” “love your paper,” “keep up the good work,” or a thumbs up has been so heartwarming and gave me the added incentive to get through every Wednesday. The weekly deadline and resulting product were both daunting and thrilling at the same time. (Editorial designers Kristen Edelman and Alyson Goodman pull it all together.)

Developing, cultivating and maintaining relationships have always been an integral part of what defines me. (kcgreen326@gmail.com). The many wonderful chesed organizations that I have become exposed to through the paper’s coverage have been fulfilling and I look forward to my continued partnership with them in achieving their goals.

I have had the good fortune of meeting so many people who I previously only knew in passing, including my talented assistant editor Malka Eisenberg. I know the paper will continue to thrive under her direction.

Recently we all have been affected by the aftermath of Superstorm Sandy. Months later, many are still working on getting their lives and homes back together. What I took from the experience, and what still resonates in me today, is how incredible and cohesive the Five Towns community is in response to need. The warmth that I experienced will always be with me. We should all take pride in our community and may we all go from strength to strength.

“Seems we just get started and before you know it, comes the time we have to say,

‘So long.’ ”