DRS match benefits Chai Lifeline


DRS’s annual Green vs. White Game, pitting the Freshman and Senior Wildcats against the Juniors and Sophomores, raised money for Chai Lifeline, whose mission is to restore the light of childhood to children diagnosed with life-threatening or lifelong illness.

After a member of the DRS hockey team was diagnosed with cancer several years ago, Coach Larry Gross took it upon himself to create a fundraising event for Chai Lifeline every year. This year, team members raised $16,000, bringing the total of Green vs. White Game contributions to over $145,000!

Before the game, Rabbi Kaminetsky applauded the tremendous chessed of the players, as well as paying tribute to coaches Gross and Rabbi Steven Genachowski, who teach the kids on the team that sportsmanship and “playing like a mentsch” always comes before winning.