DRS for a day


DRS hosted nearly 130 prospective applicants from 15 elementary schools for a chance to experience life as a DRS student. Eighth-graders from YCQ, HANC, Har Torah, South Shore, Yeshiva Ketana, HAFTR, HALB, Derech HaTorah, and others were greeted at the doors of DRS by administrators and student leaders and received personal schedules.

Over the course of the day, students had the opportunity to study Gemara in Rabbi Kaminetsky’s shiur, practice creative writing techniques with Mrs. Prestifillipo, solve mathematics tricks in Mrs. Flynn’s math class, dissect contemporary psak halacha in Rabbi Farber’s halacha shiur, travel the world with Mr. Levin’s social studies class, explore the DRS science curriculum, and meet and ask questions to Rabbi Storch and Dr. Broder in small groups.

Following a lunch catered by Carlos and Gabby’s, the students moved to the gym, where they participated in a multimedia trivia game covering Gemara, Tanach, science, math, sports, English, Ivrit, and general knowledge.