DRS faculty conference


Before Parent Teacher Conferences began, the entire DRS faculty spent a number of hours together discussing some important issues that relate to the development and advancement of the yeshiva. All three divisions of HALB are applying for accreditation by NYSAIS (New York State Association of Independent Schools).

The NYSAIS website states that “to be an accredited NYSAIS school verifies that the school has been held accountable by a rigorous process and by the highest of standards. Central to the NYSAIS accreditation process is the school’s self-study, a thorough self-examination seen through the lens of the school’s mission, involving the application of the NYSAIS criteria for accreditation, which are based on principles of best practice.}

Last week, the faculty joined together to examine the school’s mission statement, and ensure that the teaching and culture in our yeshiva is in line with that statement, or if it needs to be tweaked in any manner.