gaza war: cedarhurst rally

Bruce Blakeman: Peace only after Hamas is destroyed

Am Yisrael chai! Thousands rally in 5 Towns to support the Jewish state


I’ve been in constant communication with Commissioner Ryder and we are doing everything we can to make sure that we keep this county safe. And that people in this county can worship their religion freely and safely without having to worry about attacks. That is our number one goal, to keep you safe. …

I’m going to wrap up because we have other rallies to attend tonight — thankfully, all over this county. Every shul, every yeshiva, every organization, is coming together, and making sure that Israel has all the support they need to prosecute this war.

But let me say this. It’s not what we do today, it’s what we do three and four weeks from now, when we know what’s going to happen — they’re going to call for Israel to restrain themselves. We can’t let that happen.

The goal should be to destroy Hamas. The goal should be to destroy baby killers, the goal should be to destroy rapists. And we should not rest one day until Hamas is destroyed and then, only then, can we have peace in the Middle East.