An Israeli Tech guru at Touro


Israeli tech guru Hillel Fuld told the 37th commencement of the Touro College Division of Graduate Studies that “the core of business is passion and giving.”

Diplomas were conferred on 1,425 members of the Class of 2018, from six Touro graduate schools, at David Geffen Hall at Lincoln Center.

“Today, given the tools and resources you have at your fingertips and the knowledge you have acquired, the only thing preventing you from accomplishing the impossible is you,” Fuld told the assemblage.

He traced in detail his philosophy and path to achieving his goals, stressing that the core of business is “passion and giving.”

“Any small piece of success that I have had trace … back to the day when I started writing my very unstructured thoughts about the world of technology,” he said. “If one of the companies I now work with sold for billions tomorrow, I would change nothing. I would continue doing what I am doing and what I have always done, followed my passion and given as much as I possibly can to all those around me who can benefit from what I have to offer. I suggest you do the same and …right now.”

Fuld’s remarks followed those of Touro College President Alan Kadish, M.D., who encouraged the graduates to help make the world more enlightened and compassionate.