Mangano tells OU he backs Sandy shul aid


Nassau County Executive Ed Mangano said on Monday that he believes the Federal Emergency Management Agency should assist houses of worship damaged by Hurricane Sandy.

Republican Mangano, seeking re-election next Tuesday, addressed a crowd of Jewish community, synagogue and day school lay leaders at the Orthodox Union’s Manhattan offices.

During the OU Advocacy-NY-sponsored forum, Mangano discussed issues of importance to the Jewish community, including cutting the deficit, job creation, expanded housing options, and other ways Nassau County residents can alleviate the damage incurred by Hurricane Sandy.

Last week, OU Advocacy hosted Mangano’s Democratic rival, former Nassau County Executive candidate Tom Suozzi, who also supported Sandy aid for shuls.

On Wednesday, Nassau County’s largest community newspaper group offered kind words for Suozzi’s vision but endorsed Mangano.

“If we felt Suozzi was capable of delivering on his grand vision in any meaningful way, our choice would be a no-brainer,” the Herald newspapers, that includes the Nassau Herald in the Five Towns, said.

The editors called Suozzi a “grand visionary” but said that Mangano “seems better able to build consensus and get things done in a Republican-dominated county.”

“Mangano has a better shot at getting Nassau moving forward again.”