Joint Har Torah-Yachad 8th grade Shabbaton


On Shabbat Parshat VaYigash, the 8th graders at Yeshiva Har Torah joined together with members of Yachad from around the tri-state area for an uplifting and exciting Shabbat together. The Shabbaton took place in Holliswood, Queens, and both the communities of Holliswood and Jamaica Estates opened their doors to all the many YHT students and Yachad Members participating in the annual Shabbaton. Joining together with the Young Israel of Holliswood, the Shabbaton began with heartfelt Tefilah, followed by a Seudat Shabbat in the Shul’s ballroom.

It was a wonderful opportunity for the 8th graders to join with the Yachad members, singing Zemirot, laughing and dancing arm in arm together. Shabbat morning the Holliswood community joined the Shabbaton for a Kiddush, followed by another uplifting and inspiring lunch, at which YHT and Yachad participants shared Divrei Torah and sang Zemirot. The Shabbat concluded with a community wide Seudah Shlishit, where once again the Holliswood community had a chance to join in the Achdut and energy of this unique Shabbaton.

Motzaei Shabbat, the Shabbaton concluded with the YHT 8th graders and Yachad members having a blast playing Coke and Pepsi while enjoying a pizza Melava Malka. The 8th graders look forward to their annual YHT/Yachad Shabbaton each year, and it truly was a special, inspiring and transformational weekend.