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2 new papers launched by Jewish Star parent


Richner Communications Inc, parent company of The Jewish Star and the Long Island Herald community newspapers, is launching three new monthly publications — Living Large and LI Prime/Long Island’s Prime Focus — to help local businesses get the word out about all they do.

Living Large, which will launch Aug. 14, is a broadsheet — similar in width and length to the Wall Street Journal — offering an oversized tablet for display advertising. It will be mailed to 10,000 homes and businesses in each of the five areas where it is published, and will be printed with bright white covers. For advertisers, covers are nearly sold out. 

LI Prime and Long Island’s Prime Focus are new monthly shopping and specialty guides. Each month, LI Prime will promote local stores, restaurants, real estate agencies and doctors’ offices. Long Island’s Prime Focus will feature a guide focused on the best deals and businesses in a specific field of interest, such as back to school, real estate, home improvement and dining, with the premiere issue highlighting health and fitness.

LI Prime and Long Island’s Prime Focus will be found in a single magazine-size publication. Readers will flip the book over to move from LI Prime to Long Island’s Prime Focus, and vice versa. The publications are set to launch this week.

When mailed, the new publications will go to virtually every home in the Five Towns, Lynbrook-East Rockaway, Oceanside-Island Park, Rockville Centre and Valley Stream.

RCI Publisher Stuart Richner said the new products provide a showcase where local businesses can advertise their goods and services.

“These new monthly publications will provide our business clients with the reach they expect and desire from Richner Communications publications,” he noted,  “and will encourage the community to frequent and support our local businesses.”

Amy Amato, RCI’s executive director of corporate relations and events, said, “I’m thrilled about the design of the new publications, especially Living Large. It offers a cleaner, more modern, fresher look in a bigger format. Our broadsheet is so huge and well designed that it’s impossible not to notice every ad.”

“Living Large is a spectacular broadsheet publication priced so that even the smallest business can afford to advertise,” said RCI Vice-President for Sales Rhonda Glickman. It’s big and beautiful and mailed to your home. Seeing your ad on a large space only enhances its beauty.”

Ellen Reynolds, RCI’s classified advertising manager, said she gave out samples of the new publications in Oceanside last weekend, and both shop owners and their customers were fascinated. “They seemed truly excited they would get three new publications each month with local ads delivered to their homes through the mail,” she said.

“One customer couldn’t get over how beautiful Living Large was and didn’t believe me that they would be getting a publication the size of the New York Times for free,” Reynolds continued.

The new publications will give local businesses a needed boost as they emerge from the coronavirus lockdowns, said Lori Berger, sales manager for digital and specialty products.

More information about all of RCI’s print, digital and event offerings can be obtained by contacting a sales representatives at The Jewish Star — phone 516-350-0771 or email