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For those of you that can remember life before blogs, you may also remember that people used to publish newsletters on all topics. Forty years ago, Ron Paul launched a conservative newsletter. His newsletters were chock-filled with hateful slurs, some signed by Paul, all appearing in his publication. What was written in those newsletters was nothing short of disgusting. more
The United States vetoed a UN Security Council Resolution that would have condemned Israel for its “settlements” in the disputed territories of Judea, Samaria and East Jerusalem. more
I landed in Denver this past Thursday thinking I was simply attending BlogCon, a conference of the top conservative bloggers in the country sponsored by Freedom Works, which is affiliated with the Tea Party movement. But the weekend turned out to be much more than that because twice on Friday and once more on Saturday, the Occupy Denver crowd tried to break into our conference. more
Any sports fan will tell you that if you leave the game talking about the umpire or referee, that official did an awful job. The same thing goes when talking about political debates. more
It was supposed to be a weekend of conflict between the President of the United States and the Prime Minister of Israel; it didn’t happen. Instead, we saw a President desperately trying to hold on to the Jewish vote--perhaps too hard. more
To the Editor: Speaking on behalf of the progressive Democrats who read your paper, I was annoyed to see yet another piece by Jeff Dunetz using Judaism as a justification for a partisan political position [“A Rosh Hashana message to our President,” Sept. 6]. more
A famous hasidic tale teaches: A man once went around spreading lies about the rabbi. Eventually he began to feel remorse for the wrong he had done. He went to the rabbi and begged his forgiveness, saying he would do anything to make amends. The rabbi said, “Take a feather pillow, cut it open, and scatter the feathers to the winds.” more
The thirtieth debate of this presidential season (including all the GOP primary debates) took place in our ancestral homeland—not Israel, the other one, Boca Raton. And while many of the town’s residents may have been asleep when the debate began, this third and last contest between the two presidential candidates may have been the most interesting from a strategic standpoint. more
On November 11, 2004 the world became a better place. That’s when Yasser Arafat, the man responsible for so many Jewish and Palestinian deaths, died after a long illness. Since that day, the despotic killer’s Arab compatriots have been claiming that his death was a result of Israeli poisoning. more
The release of the Barack Obama/Derrick Bell Harvard video by the Breitbart site was insignificant by itself. Those who were looking for some major smoking gun were very disappointed. more
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