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During these past two weeks we have witnessed some of the meanest political rhetoric by the authoritarian left in recent memory. The rhetoric focused upon the use of the phrase “blood libel,” by … more
“The Making of a Halachic Decision, is subtitled, “A comprehensive analysis and guide to halachic rulings,” and indeed this is so. The use of the word “analysis” serves as the major motif of the methodology employed by Rabbi Walter to serve as the touchstone of what Jewish law is all about: analysis of the halachic method. more
Two weeks ago a giant of Torah learning passed away. Rabbi Zechariah Fendel was, after Rabbi Aryeh Kaplan, one of the most prolific and articulate Jewish writers of our time.Each of the over dozen … more
From last week’s essay about Lashon Harah, evil speech, this week we will deal with Lashon Hakodesh, sacred speech, only this time the speech we are dealing with concerns the history of a whole … more
Once again a South Shore rabbi has written a quality commentary on one of the most complicated books of The Chumash, Vayikrah, whose annual weekly reading is about to commence next week. more
This week’s essay will focus primarily upon an article rather than upon a book. The convergence this year of American Independence Day and the 17th Day of Tamuz was brought together by an interesting and timely essay by attorney Michael W. Schwartz entitled, “A Great Compliment Paid the Jews” [Commentary] This essay’s theme demonstrates the uniqueness of the ideological foundations of the American republic and its regard for the integrity of the Jewish faith. more
He was born 86 years ago on New York’s Lower East Side, the son of Jewish Polish immigrants who arrived on these blessed shores right after World War I. His name was Rabbi Dr. Herbert Bomzer, zt”l, and his first yahrtzeit was recently commemorated with the publication of a collection of Divrei Torah, entitled “Keter Harachzav,” compiled and edited with an eloquent and informed introduction by his grandson, Aryeh Sklar of Cedarhurst. more
Perhaps no one said it better than Rabbi Berel Wein: “Rabbi Bezalel Naor has done a masterful job in bringing Rav Kook’s thoughts and philosophy to the English speaking public. Rabbi … more
It was a different era, a time that revered idealism yet tolerated a diversity that at times defied reality. Nevertheless, with all that was tolerated, respect for diverse opinion was laced with respect, a respect that was saturated throughout society’s opinion makers’ creed. The legacy of the brief presidency of John F. Kennedy was highlighted by image, personality, ideology and most important of all to this writer, the element of eloquence and elegance in both language and style. more
In a recent presentation at the Young Israel of Lawrence Cedarhurst, Brooklyn College professor and famed historian Dr. Shnayer Leiman discussed the controversy surrounding the speech and invocation given by Chief Rabbi Abraham Isaac Kook at the inauguration of the Hebrew University in Jerusalem on April 1, 1925. more
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