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Exhaling deeply after each breath, Rabbi Yaakov Perlow, the Novominsker Rebbe, blasted the federal judge that sentenced Sholom Rubashkin for what he called, “corrupt thinking” and a … more
You only know that you’re a Jewish editor when someone compares you to Adolph Hitler. The cover story of last week’s issue of The Jewish Star, “Shining a light on Iowa,” about a rally … more
During these past two weeks we have witnessed some of the meanest political rhetoric by the authoritarian left in recent memory. The rhetoric focused upon the use of the phrase “blood libel,” by … more
“The Making of a Halachic Decision, is subtitled, “A comprehensive analysis and guide to halachic rulings,” and indeed this is so. The use of the word “analysis” serves as the major motif of the methodology employed by Rabbi Walter to serve as the touchstone of what Jewish law is all about: analysis of the halachic method. more
Ari Fleischer: My heart is with the protesters; who doesn’t hope that this leads to freedom and democracy. But my mind is cognizant of recent Middle East history and I’m wary of how this is going to play out. So this is a classic conundrum of foreign policy, American ideals and realpolitik. more
A stitch in time saves nine, comedians like to keep their audiences in stitches and then there are just plain stitches…. My boys were seven and five years old and playing in the backyard on Shabbat afternoon, when my younger son came running in. “It’s not my fault,” Jeremy kept on repeating. “Daniel told me to throw the block of wood up to the bush so the ball would fall down, I didn’t know it would fall on his head.” more
Democat Kathleen Rice said this week that she and her Republic rival Bruce Blakeman were on the same page regarding Israel — they are both strong supporters. more
Sanitary District 1 will be collecting chometz on Friday from 7 am to 1 pm at garbage trucks parked by the Long Island Rail Road stations in Cedarhurst and Lawrence, Young Israel … more
Although the last graduates of the Brooklyn Talmudical Academy (BTA) and the Central Yeshiva High School for Girls left the East 14th building over 35 years ago, it was still sad to hear about … more
Opening a neighborhood glatt kosher butcher is no longer an everyday occurrence, but it’s something David Blum (pictured) and his partner Scott Wohlstetten dreamed of — and last week that dream was realized. more
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