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After COVID-19 vaccines started becoming available in New York and it quickly became apparent that securing a vaccine appointment presented a huge challenge, thew Young Israel of Oceanside and the … more
Israel welcomed 104 olim from North America on Monday, as the Jewish state continues to loosen its barriers to international travel. The gates were never really shut for those making aliyah, … more
As countries step up their COVID-19 vaccination campaigns, the politics around vaccines has intensified. For Israel, which has become a world leader in vaccinating its own population, its reliance on … more
In his motzei Shabbos update, Rabbi Dr. Aaron Glatt said it was too early to say with certainty what Shavuos would look like, but that COVID-19 restrictions were definitely heading toward … more
Rabbi Dr. Aaron Glatt is Chief of Infectious Diseases and Hospital Epidemiologist at Mount Sinai South Nassau and assistant rabbi of the Young Israel of Woodmere. He distributed this message before … more
A new report on European anti-Semitism reveals contradictory trends: On the one hand, there was a decrease in physical violence as COVID-19 lockdowns reduced interaction among Jews and anti-Semites; … more
Israel will begin receiving vaccinated tourists from abroad through a phased plan that will begin on May 23, the Israeli Tourism Ministry said in a statement on Tuesday. … more
The ancient blood libel — “Jews are poisoners,” used to stoke anti-Semitic violence through the ages, from the Black Death to tainted wells — has reappeared. This time, it … more
Shortly after emigrating to Israel in 1901, this Telz-educated orphaned son of a rosh yeshiva earned an unlikely nickname: “the crazy fly-catcher.” Israel Aharoni’s odyssey into … more
The last thing Gov. Andrew Cuomo needed last week was another crisis where he’s assigned the role of villain.But that’s what he got Tuesday night, when two newspapers reported his plan to … more
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