gaza war

New danger for Jews: Anti-Israel conservatives

On the main stage of American politics, the lines of debate about Israel and the Hamas atrocities of Oct. 7 have been clear. Almost all Republicans and most Democratic officeholders support the …

Gaza War

10 points on Israel/Hamas: The war summarized

1. Israel’s fundamental goal is to enable Jews, after 2,000 years of persecution and massacres, to be able to provide themselves with a safe home in their ancient homeland. (The vast majority …

Gaza War

‘My name is Rachel Goldberg, mother of Hersh…’

This was one of the most widely applauded speeches at last week’s support-Israel rally on the National Mall in Washington. My name is Rachel and I am the mother of Hersh Goldberg-Polin, a …

Gaza war

Rep. Torres: ‘Oct 7 was crime against humanity’

Riverdale Rep. Ritchie Torres, a crowd favorite on the pro-Israel circuit, was introduced to the nearly 300,000 people who gathered on the Washington Mall on Nov. 14 to support Israel, oppose …

gaza war

Local OU leaders participate in a mission to Israel

In a show of chizuk, 24 American shul communities are pairing with individual Israeli citizens, families and communities directly impacted by the horrific events of Oct. 7, thanks to an initiative …

View from beyond the Tribe

Everyone’s fight: Defend Israel, defy Jew-hate

Initially I said to myself, this is not my battle. But then I watched, in horror, as people marched through the streets of Philadelphia chanting the genocidal slogan of the Palestinian people: …

Gaza War

‘The day after’ will not be like ‘the day before’

In a rush to state what he believes should take place in Gaza “the day after” the Israel-Hamas war is over, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken outlined several ideas, including a role …

gaza war

Cartoonists consider the Hamas war

People who like to draw serious political cartoons for a living — people like me — have to be extra careful in these divisive times. In just the last month three major newspapers …

Gaza War

‘Praise the Lord and Pass the Ammunition’

There was a popular song in the 1940s called “Praise the Lord and Pass the Ammunition.” It tells the story of a chaplain who is asked by a group of sailors under attack by enemy planes to …

Gaza war

UJA-NY rallies for Israel on Central Park West

An estimated 10,000 people filled four blocks of Central Park West, spilling into side streets, during a rally last Monday evening organized by UJA-Federation of New York to mark the sheloshim, 30 …


Jewish media outlets worldwide call for combating the surge in antisemitism

Two decades ago, the former British Chief Rabbi, Lord Jonathan Sacks, astutely likened antisemitism to a constantly evolving virus. One that, in the modern era, specifically targets the Jewish …

gaza war

Argentina’s 1st ‘Jewish’ president? Milei wins big

Argentina’s newly elected president, Javier Milei, won a resounding victory on Sunday on promises to save the country’s crumbling economy. But Jewish issues, too, are close to his …

View from beyond the Tribe

The distressing reality on campus is our fault

It turns out that some of our smartest college kids aren’t just stupid about things like microaggressions and gender pronouns. The reaction on many campuses to the slaughter of innocent …

gaza war

Let’s consider what Palestinians really want

For more than a generation, the Israeli left and Western leaders have insisted that the Palestinians want peace. They want a state of their own. They want Israel to leave the Gaza Strip, Judea, …


Killer of Serb Muslims breaks bread with Hamas

The old Victorian saying goes, “Politics makes strange bedfellows.” In the harrowing weeks that have followed the Oct. 7 Hamas pogrom in southern Israel, we’ve seen radical …

gaza war

Rotary Club hears facts behind the Hamas war

A Rotary Club in Brooklyn heard an overview of the Hamas war — and how the organization’s “Four-Way Test” offers a path to peace …

gaza war

UJA hosts pro-Israel rally at Eisenhower Park in East Meadow

Eisenhower Park in East Meadow was the scene of a Long Island Stands With Israel rally on Sunday. Three-thousand people packed Eisenhower’s Harry Chapin Theatre, holding Israeli flags and …


On its anniversary, Kristallnacht is linked to Oct. 7

In the wake of the Hamas terror attacks on Oct. 7, people searching for historical antecedents sometimes cited Kristallnacht, the “night of broken glass” in Germany on Nov. 9 and 10, …

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