It’s a Supreme win: Ruling says Jewish schools can’t be ignored

For Orthodox Jewish advocacy groups, the last day of the US Supreme Court’s 2020 session brought a big win. On Tuesday, the high court handed school voucher proponents a victory in ruling …


Engel’s loss doesn’t doom pro-Israel Democrats

Longtime pro-Israel Rep. Eliot Engel’s defeat last week by Jamaal Bowman, a progressive who’s been critical of the Jewish state, doesn’t signal a Zionist wipeout. Engel’s …


Woodmere’s Fagin retires from the Orthodox Union

After two decades as a volunteer for the Orthodox Union and the past six years as the organization’s executive vice president, Woodmere resident Allen Fagin is retiring from a job for the …


The fiddle goes silent

The coronavirus pandemic has done something that no war, natural disaster or other calamity has been able to do for more than 50 years: It’s put a stop to stage performances of “Fiddler …


Corona delivers debilitating loneliness in FSU

Tamara Boronina, an 82-year-old Holocaust survivor living in Ukraine, can barely afford her small Odessa apartment on her monthly pension of $65. She is a widow whose only daughter died in 1999. …


German RR memorial

Nearly 80 years after the last train sent Jews to almost certain death from the main railway station in Wurzburg, a memorial to those who perished was dedicated in the German …


Annexation (sovereignty expansion) isn’t apartheid

In this era of radical liberal hypersensitivity, where every slightly conservative position is considered a “personal offense” and automatically labeled “racism,” it is no …


Staycation summer with delicious distancing

Believe it or not, summer has arrived, and with it, the staples of the season. This year will be one to remember — if not for the excitement and many activities, at least for quality time …


Here are HAFTR’s val and sal

Valedictorian Jeffrey Wolberg (left) exemplifies HAFTR High School’s culture of scholarship, Torah, leadership, and community service, excelling in academics while fully engaged in …


MTA honors its highest grads

Valedictorian Nesanel Dietz (left) of Highland Park, NJ, feels grateful to everyone who has supported and helped him. Nesanel loved his high school experience, during which he made close friends and …


Labour fires Jew-haters, the Times hires them

It turns out the New York Times has lower standards when it comes to those who spread anti-Semitic canards than even Britain’s Labour Party. Tweeting an anti-Semitic blood libel about …


Frum woman works to mend Israeli-Diaspora ties

JERUSALEM — Omer Yankelevich is the new minister of Diaspora affairs in Israel, charged with managing the Jewish state’s relations with Jewish communities abroad. It has never been an …


Israelis break their routine, to travel in Israel

Israelis love family, they love the beach, they love parties and they love Bamba snacks. But most of all, Israelis love to travel. They can be found traveling all around the world — in Europe …

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In St. Louis, statue of anti-Semitic namesake

On top of a hill in front of an art museum in the biggest park in St. Louis stands a statue of an anti-Semite. It’s a monument to the city’s namesake, the medieval French king Louis IX, …


The hidden meaning of the Bilam story

Many questions have rightly been asked about the story of Balak and Bilam and the would-be curses that turned into blessings. Was Bilam a true man of G-d, or was he a fraud, a magician, a …


Shulamith Middle School drive-thru graduation

Shulamith Middle Division’s Class of 2020 cheered its graduates in an unconventional yet fun and exciting Wishes and Waves pre-graduation drive-thru celebration on June 2. A drive-in graduation …


2 top graduates are selected at the HANC HS

The Hebrew Academy of Nassau County menahel, Rabbi Shlomo Adelman, announced as the high school’s valedictorian and salutatorian two students who “embody the core values of our …


OU’s Fagin weighs pandemic’s Orthodox impact

Even before the coronavirus pandemic hit the New York region in March, the Orthodox community was on edge. A surge in anti-Semitic incidents targeting visibly Orthodox Jews climaxed with an attack …

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