MOSER: Judaism’s most dangerous accusation

Egged on by a rabble-rouser who literally wore a political bumper sticker on his chest, a crowd of angry Boro Park Charedim protested coronavirus restrictions during Chol Hamoed Sukkot, burning …


Living as a Jew in UAE

Jews around the world are celebrating the peace agreement between Israel and the UAE — and so are the Emiratis. In particular, Israelis are looking forward to visiting the United Arab …


Borat mocks COVID anti-Jew conspiracy theories

Sacha Baron Cohen’s latest appearance in character as Borat satirized conspiracy theories that target Jews. On Jimmy Kimmel Live on Monday night, Cohen showed up as Borat — the …


Living a Jewish life with non-Jewish name

Christian Goldenbaum is used to people doing a double take after he introduces himself. Almost every day while living abroad in New York, London and Jerusalem, the 28-year-old São Paulo native …


Merrick vet holds flag for those left behind

Ninety-year-old Irving Liebowitz isn’t exactly fond of change. In fact, the few times he’s endured it was only because life gave him little …


Orban rips Hungarian Jews over anti-Semitism

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban, one of Europe’s most prominent nationalist and anti-immigrant leaders, has often faced accusations that he is too soft on far-right anti-Semitism. But …


Bagel insults: Rainbows and a British challenge

I’m an avid fan of The Great British Baking Show, which is currently in its eighth season on Netflix. The show is such perfection, I can look past almost any minor flaw — like the …


Spiced, stuffed, and skinless Jewish sausages

Every Jewish community has its answer to the ultimate Jewish sausage. From the Portuguese Alheira de Mirandela to Ashkenazi kishke to New York’s kosher hot dog, the origins of the following …


Orthodox rabbi says Trump is '‘neither good for the Jews, nor for Judaism’

Everywhere I turn, I see a country that has neither been made “great again” nor is respected as the protector of human rights and the ingatherer of the downtrodden …


New IDF unit could revolutionize battlefields

In the summer of 2019, the Israel Defense Forces formed a new elite unit, and many of the details surrounding its activities …

first person

I used to think that anti-Semitism was history.. Then I became Jewish.

It wasn’t until I started converting to Judaism that I realized that anti-Semitism is very much alive and well — and it’s only getting worse. Last year saw the most …


Try the unexpected: Delicious hummus pizza

When we think of pizza, most of us think of a combination of marinara sauce, melty cheese and crispy crust. But not all pies need to include these ingredients. Enter: hummus pizza. Yes, it exists, …


Many Orthodox support Trump. I’m one of them.

I am a registered Democrat who often votes Republican. I was raised in an Orthodox Jewish family in North Jersey. We cried when Richard Nixon defeated Hubert Humphrey in 1968 and exulted when …

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