YHT Jewish ed pioneer


Sara Duani, who serves as Jewish Studies Curriculum Coordinator and a Jewish Studies teacher at Yeshiva Har Torah, was recently named a Jewish Education Project Young Pioneers Award winner for 2017.

In awarding her the prestigious honor, the Jewish Education Project noted Duani’s ability to employ a unique, multi-modal approach, based on Howard Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligence, in order to reach and inspire diverse groups of learners, all entirely in Hebrew. 

Morah Sara credits her parents, Rabbi and Rabbanit Manasseh, for raising her in a home that “emphasized educating and instilling high values in future generations.” She also credits her colleagues at Yeshiva Har Torah for encouraging her to take risks in her teaching, and fostering a school-wide focus on collaboration and progressive education.

Rabbi Gary Menchel, principal, called the award a “fitting tribute,” to “one of a number of rising stars within our school recognized for her extraordinary contribution to Yeshiva Har Torah and to Jewish Education.”

Morah Sara will be honored along with four other Pioneers at a gala on May 17 in Manhattan. Nominees for the award come from institutions across educational settings and religious denominations.