YCQ girls getting ready for their bat mitzvahs


Sixth grade girls at the Yeshiva of Central Queens and their mothers attended a bat mitzvah workshop.

The program began with inspirational d’var Torahs by Rabbi Landsman, principal, and Morah Hadas Fried, the girls’ Naavi teacher and bat mitzvah coordinator. The program was a bonding experience for the girls and their mothers, as the girls learned about the importance of becoming a bat mitzvah and the responsibilities they will take on as members of the Jewish community.

The girls and their mothers began their Namesake Projects where they will research the people they were named after or write about why their parents chose their names and what they are going to do to better themselves to be like those namesakes. They attended a workshop on values and priorities and the evening ended with simcha dancing.

The families learned on YCQ’s protocol for celebrations as well as the tzedakah projects they will participate in as a class and others they could take on as individuals.