Shulamith commencement honors


Here are the top honorees announced by the Shulamith School for Girls in Cedarhurst Middle School:

•Valedictorian Arielle Rosman of North Woodmere

•Salutatorian Sheera Rockoff of West Hempstead

•Keter Shem Tov awardee Michal Moskowitz of Cedarhurst

•Keter Shem Tov awardee Hannah Zucker of Woodmere

Valedictorian Arielle Rosman is a bright, caring, and sensitive young woman who has grown tremendously during her time in Shulamith. Arielle resides in North Woodmere with her parents and five siblings and attends the Bais HaKnesses of North Woodmere. She thanks her family for their constant support and encouragement over the years. 

Arielle has attended Shulamith since nursery. She was the head of backstage for last year’s production, a member of the yearbook design team, and the proud recipient of the Keter Shem Tov award three years in a row. Arielle has tremendous hakarat hatovto Shulamith, her principals, and her teachers for instilling within her a true love for Am Yisrael, Torat Yisrael andMedinat Yisrael.She is confident that these critical values will serve as a strong foundation for her continued growth as she begins a new chapter in life. 

Arielle feels fortunate to have had the opportunity to develop strong and close relationships with her classmates during her time in Shulamith. She wishes them a heartfelt Mazal Tovand hopes that these friendships will continue for many years to come. Arielle is looking forward to attending the Stella K. Abraham High School for Girls in the fall. 

Salutatorian Sheera Rockoffof West Hempstead is focused on achieving goals and is a highly motivated student. She has received the Keter Shem Tov Award for three consecutive years and is always looking for ways to grow in Torah. Sheera was elected G.O. President and won first place in the Pi Competition, memorizing over 200 digits. For the past two years, Sheera has been the point guard for the Shulamith Basketball Team, the Mustangs.

Sheera embraces Chessed opportunities both in and out of the classroom. She enjoys visiting the elderly in nursing homes and is involved with the special needs population through her work with Friendship Circle. When Hurricane Harvey hit Texas in 2017, Sheera was instrumental in organizing a drive to provide school supplies for school children who had lost their belongings. 

Sheera would like to express hakarat hatov to the wonderful principals, teachers and administration of Shulamith for helping her realize her potential. She feels humbled and privileged to be named the Salutatorian of the Shulamith Class of 2019. She looks forward to attending SKA, iy”H in the fall.

Keter Shem Tov Award Winner Michal Moskowitz lives in Cedarhurst with her parents and three sisters. She has attended Shulamith school for girls for the last ten years. Michal has always felt a strong love and respect for all her teachers and the entire faculty at Shulamith. She is honored to receive the Keter Shem Tov award of her graduating class. 

Michal has always been one of kind in the eyes of family and friends. Her warm and infectious smile make everyone around her feel loved and welcome. Michal is an extremely caring and selfless young lady. She is always looking for ways to help others. It was not surprising that Michal's first choice for her 8th grade job was to be head of the chesed committee. 

Michal has many interests that she pursues outside of school. She is a very talented piano player. She also enjoys playing sports, swimming, and reading. But most of all she enjoys spending time with family and friends. Michal is a youth group leader in her shul, Congregation Bais Ephraim Yitzchok, and is beloved by all the children and parents alike.

Michal has tremendous hakarat hatov to all her principals and teachers at Shulamith for the outstanding education she has received throughout the years. Middot tovot and chesed have always been the number one focus and it has really helped her grow into the person she is today. Michal is looking forward to attending Shulamith High School next year. 

Keter Shem Tov Award Winner Hannah Zucker lives in Woodmere with her parents and four younger siblings. In her free time, you might find her reading, drawing, spending time with friends, or jumping on her trampoline. Hannah is looking forward to her fourth summer at Camp Kaylie.

Being a student at Shulamith has not only served Hannah’s academic interests and curiosity, but also nurtured her growth in character and leadership. Some of her academic activities and achievements have included spelling bee winner, Math Olympiad competitor, Tech Squad member and Bake Sale Coordinator. She was also part of the yearbook design team and worked hard with her friends to get the yearbook finished on time. This past Wednesday, she joined a group of her peers in donating their hair for cancer patients. 

Next year, Hannah plans to attend Yeshiva University High School for Girls (Central) as part of their Distinguished Scholars program. She is very grateful to Shulamith for all the support and good memories, and most of all, for the outstanding education she has received. She is also beyond grateful to her peers for always supporting her and being there when she has ever needed them. She will miss them all when they go their separate ways next year and wishes them bracha v’hatzlacha in high school and everything else that they do.