Shulamith and MDS play presidential politics


Presidential politics was at play at the Shulamith School for Girls in Cedarhurst and Manhattan Day School on the Upper West Side.

At Shulmaith, Mrs. Danyel Goldberg played Hillary Clinton and Mrs. Rivky Markowitz portrayed Donald Trump, presented the candidates’ platforms, including their opinions on Israel, the economy, and education. The debate was moderated by Morah Chana Schwartz.

lots: Trump won by had a chance to cast ballot and Trump won by a huge margin, 164 to 28. Each class was assigned electors based on its size, and Trump won all ten electors.   

At MDS’ Meet the Candidates night, over 100 seventh and eighth graders presented projects — science fair-style — focusing on the current candidates and on past presidential elections.

“I liked the project because it was an independent assignment and we were able to explore the subjects completely,” says Sarah Kratka, who reported on President Wilson. “Even if we didn’t have the most famous President, we still had so much information to work with.”