Refusing to acknowledge Islamization of Europe


Once again, Hezbollah flags flew in London at the annual Al Quds march. No matter that Hezbollah, proxy army of the Iranian regime, is responsible for numerous murderous attacks on Jews, Americans and other Western interests.

The march, featuring calls for Israel to be wiped from the map, was led by a man who previously made the deranged claim that “Zionists” were behind a London apartment fire last year in which more than 70 people died.

In Germany last week, 14-year-old Susanna Maria Feldman was raped and murdered. A failed Iraqi asylum-seeker with a long police record was subsequently arrested by Kurdish authorities in northern Iraq, at the request of the German police.

Mass Muslim immigration is taking a terrifying toll on Europe. A report published in April by Germany’s Federal Criminal Police Office revealed an increase of nearly 500 percent in migrant sex crimes during the past four years.

In Sweden, the number of gang-related shootings has surged by 43 percent in the last three years, and reported rapes by 34 percent in the last 10 years. Police and others say this is due to huge increases in Muslim migration, and that the Swedish legal system is collapsing as Islamist extremists take over whole neighborhoods.

Between 2012 and 2017, Muslim terrorists murdered 250 people in France. In March, four people were killed in the small town of Trèbes. In the same month, 85-year-old Holocaust survivor Mireille Knoll was murdered in her Paris apartment by a Muslim youth, the 11th French Jew to have been murdered in an Islamist terror attack in the past 12 years. According to official figures, anti-Semitic violence in France increased last year by 26 percent.

Yet Europe is paralyzed from attributing this catastrophe to the Islamic world. Yes, many Muslims refuse to subscribe to this, and millions lead unblemished lives in the West and are themselves targeted by Islamist extremists. But the silence over this widespread extremism is contributing to its acceleration.

In Britain, virtually no concern is expressed for the thousands of young white girls targeted by rape and pimping gangs of overwhelmingly of Pakistani Muslim-heritage. Despite trial after trial, following years of silence and cover-ups, no one questions what this means for British society. A similar silence has descended over the national implications of proven attempts to infiltrate and Islamize some Birmingham schools.

The British government claims that the Hezbollah marchers support its political wing, which it deems legitimate, rather than the terrorist wing that Britain proscribes.

The fact that Hezbollah has effectively taken Lebanon hostage is disregarded. The fact that it has embedded among southern Lebanon’s civilian population 130,000 missiles pointing at Israel is disregarded.

In lockstep with this refusal to acknowledge Islamic religious fanaticism, anti-Semitism is once more openly stalking Britain and Europe. Put to one side the anti-Semitism of the left that hides behind hatred of Israel. There is almost total silence over Muslim anti-Semitism and its symbiotic role in Islamist terrorism.

Hezbollah is riddled with Jew-hatred. “If we searched the entire world for a person more cowardly, despicable, weak and feeble in psyche, mind, ideology and religion,” stated its secretary-general Hassan Nasrallah, “we would not find anyone like the Jew. Notice I do not say the Israeli.”

Medieval and Nazi-style anti-Semitic texts and images pour out of the Muslim world. Many if not most Muslim migrants into Europe are bringing with them profound, paranoid and sometimes violent hatred of the Jews.

Yet Europe treats this as a marginal issue. They don’t understand that Jew-hatred drives Islamist hatred of the West, which they believe is controlled by the Jews. They don’t understand that the Muslim world doesn’t hate Jews because it hates Israel; it hates Israel because it hates the Jews. And they don’t understand that anti-Semitism is the signature motif of an eclipse of reason.

Any leader who subscribes to such lunacy should be treated as a pariah. Yet Europe continues to insist that the Iranian Supreme Leader, who is consumed by a genocidal obsession to wipe out the Jewish people, is someone they can do business with.

In France, the justice system refused to regard as anti-Semitic the murder of Sarah Halimi, who was tortured and thrown from her apartment window by a Muslim neighbor after vainly reporting his anti-Semitic threats.

In Britain, attacks on Jews by Muslims are disproportionate to their number in the population. The same is true of anti-Semitic comments by members of the Labour Party which, despite convulsing over anti-Semitism in its ranks, never makes this point.

Indeed, anyone who brings up Muslim anti-Semitism is accused of Islamophobia. Worse, this is equated with anti-Semitism.

The comparison is odious. Anti-Semitism is based on lies and demonization. It is paranoid and unhinged. It ascribes to Jews a demonic power to control the world. It treats the Jews in ways applied to no other people or cause. It has nothing in common with Islamophobia, a term constructed by Islamists to silence legitimate criticism.

Yet for so many in the West, the only people whose views are beyond the pale are those classified as “right-wing,” “nativist” or “Islamophobic.” This includes those who legitimately defend Western culture and oppose Islamization. People demonized by such labeling often defend Israel and the Jewish people far more robustly than so-called anti-fascists who, faced with Islamic cultural encroachment and Muslim anti-Semitism, look the other way.

This does not mean, though, that we should support this “populist” tide. Decent people should shun those who hate all Muslims, or really are neo-Nazis, or are thugs who may hide their contempt for the rule of law behind claims of being martyred for the anti-Islamist cause.

But the threat from such unsavory types is minimal compared to the scale of the threat from Islamization and the desperate battle to defend the West. And the only reason such types are gaining traction at all is that, when it comes to the defense of Western civilization, just about the entire political establishment has given up.