Rabbi Finkelman YCQ shiur


Rabbi Mordechai Finkelman, mashgiach ruchani, Yeshiva Ohr Hachaim, Kew Gardens Hills, spoke to the JHS students at Yeshiva of Central Queens about the gift of teshuvah. He said that there is so much we can do — like Torah umitzvot — but it is hard to learn Torah when we are focused on less important things.  

Through stories, he made the point that we should stop watching movies and playing video games so often, and begin instead to learn Torah and spend time focusing on the things that really count.

Yom Kippur and teshuvah give us a chance to start again and better ourselves as well as get closer to Hashem.

The speech moved students and helped them start the new year on a positive note.

“The speech really inspired me right before Yom Kippur and I took my davening more seriously,” said student Jonathan Sherman. Another JHS student, David Nisanov said, “I really liked what Rabbi Finkelman said and I took it to heart during my davening for the Yomim Noraim.”

At the end of his visit, Rabbi Finkelman gave each student a special bracha for a good new year.