Pesach kasher v’ sameach … in good health


While this will be a Pesach like none we’ve experienced, we believe with a full heart that, with Hashem’s help, we will be privileged to joyfully fulfill each of its attendant mitzvot.

As with many of you, I was looking forward to a family assemblage from near and far, big seders with lots of ruach going late into the night. Instead, we’ll meet and greet on Zoom before Yom Tov, and have each other in mind, and in our prayers, as the seders begin.

We all know people who are suffering in this crisis, and some who have not survived. The flow of tehillim and tears seems endless.

May Hashem help us emerge stronger and more committed to living fulfilling lives guided by Torah and the strengthening of each member of klal Yisrael. We are in this crisis together – and we should stay together when the storm subsides.

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