Meet and greet new principals at Shulamith


Incoming Shulamith High School Principal Mrs. Sara Munk and incoming Assistant Principal Mrs. Danyel Goldberg spoke with current Shulamith students, faculty, parents, and prospective parents.

Their chemistry and upbeat attitude was immediately clear. “I really liked the vibe,” one eighth-grader remarked.

“Think about what it’s like when you buy a piece of furniture and build it yourself,” Mrs. Munk said. “You follow the directions, you put in the different screws … When we build something ourselves, we tend to value it more. As Shulamith is set to embark on this next chapter, let’s build together, value the product, and change ourselves in the process.” 

Students and parents had an opportunity to ask questions, and Mrs. Munk was thoughtful and articulate in her responses. “No decision is unilateral,” she said. “A lot of time and consideration of all the people involved are going into every decision.” 

Mrs. Munk is eager to connect with students and parents and plans to have an open-door policy. “It is a privilege to be trusted by Shulamith parents and students,” Mrs. Goldberg added.

Both stressed their enthusiasm in educating, inspiring, and encouraging girls to thrive academically and spiritually.