MDS marks Yom HaShoah


Eighth graders at the Manhattan Day School marked Yom HaShoah with a presentation of Reflections, a program created by Associate Principal Judy Melzer.

Following an emotional candle lighting ceremony by third generation students at the Upper West Side school, Kel Molei Rachamim was recited by Simon Wildes, and Harry Meister recited Kinah.

 Reflections depicted children from different countries in Europe whose lives were impacted by the Shoah. Some survived and most did not. 

One of the highlights of the event was a moving documentary of MDS students’ interviews with survivors as well as stories of righteous Gentiles and liberators. The survivors included Sam Bradin, Lucy Lipiner, Alexander Swaab, and Mark Kassai. The documentary was edited by the Wagner College Holocaust Education Center and Cameron Haffner, HEC intern and film minor, under the direction of Professor Lori Weintrob.

A second documentary was produced by Sarah Altman, Ariella Shloush and Tehilla Robinson on the life of survivors Mr. and Mrs. Garay.

The eighth graders sang “Last Night” and “Ani Ma’amin”. A solo of Shema was performed by Binyamin Platofsky.

The program culminated with video by Yaacov Shwekey, “We Are a Miracle” and with lighting of candles by the Garays and Lucy Lipiner, accompanied by eighth grader Levi Langer, in memory of their families who were murdered at the hands of the Nazis.