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Marveling at the determination of Olympians


By the time you read this, the 2018 Winter Olympics will be coming to an end. Each time the Olympics come around, I marvel at all of the time and determination these young athletes put into it. They basically take no time off after finishing off one Olympic season and dive, sprint or dash right into perfecting their game for the next time around. They spend months even years away from home, which can be especially hard for the younger athletes. Their schedules are grueling, working from early morning till night.

It then comes down to a few minutes to determine whether they medal or not. Granted, sometimes it’s a cumulative score and they have to perform two or three times but still, after putting in years of such hard work, it seems unfair that it comes down to those few minutes to prove themselves.

I watch with bated breath as figure skaters take the ice and pray that their triple axel does not turn into a double axle or worse yet a crash to the ice. And seriously, how do they contain their composure and continue on with their program when they know that there is basically no chance that they will score high enough for a medal?

It amazes me, that without even brushing themselves off after a fall, they turn into the next move and skate on, as if nothing had ever happened. If I’m broiling a tray of ribs steaks for Shabbat company, check them and leave them in for another two minutes only, to forget, and realize five or six minutes later, I’m beyond furious with myself. I spend the next two hours being annoyed at myself, and then when the company arrives, I have to apologize profusely that the steaks are well done.

And those that have partners? One makes a mistake, and then at the end of the program theother one lovingly consoles his or her partner. Who are we kidding? When my husband Jerry does something that affects me or my outcome, let’s just say it’s not pretty. I can picture many of you reading, nodding in agreement.

For the sports that rely solely on how long it takes, how does one get over the fact that they can lose by 1/100th of a point? And does the person who won by 1/100th of a point really feel that they’re so much better than the athlete they beat? 

How in the world do they not have a meltdown after everything that they have done to get to that place, and in a matter of minutes it’s all over. Four long years spending almost every minute just to reach the podium. I am in awe of all of these athletes.

That being said, tell me why they added curling. As Linda Stasi reported, “Great news! I made varsity curling!” — said no one ever. This year, to bring a little more viewership and excitement to the much made fun of sport, they now have mixed doubles. And they also have allegations of doping in the sport. They need performance enhancing drugs for curling? They might need drugs just to get through watching it!

In honor of the Olympic intertwining rings, I found a wonderful recipe for a dairy Swedish Coffee Bread (Tea Ring). You can find it too at bit.ly/2GwD6Ku