Lido shul has ruach, with Chanukah up next


The Lido Beach Synagogue hosted singer R’ Yossel “Joey” Newcomb for an ruach-filled Shabbos Vayishlach. Next up: A Chanukah lecture by Rabbi Mordechai Becher on Sunday, Dec. 2.

Having released several popular songs last summer, Newcomb and his energy were a great match for those in attendance. The program began with a Carlebach-style Kabbalas Shabbos that ended in spontaneous dancing. Dinner followed in the social hall, where over 50 community members and guests enjoyed time together and divrei Torah by Rabbi Eli Biegeleisen. Newcomb, the Rav and several bachurim regaled the dinner with zemiros until well into the night.

The next day, Newcomb led the Shacharis and Mussaf. During his drasha, Rabbi Biegeleisen welcomed guests who had come for a taste of the community and spoke about how a Yid never stops davening. A Kiddush buffet luncheon followed, with over 100 people in attendance.

The grand finale was the Havdalah concert, drawing guests from Far Rockaway and the Five Towns. Accompanying himself on guitar, Newcomb took the shul on a spiritual journey with dancing, singing, and unity.

Just minutes from the bustling Five Towns, Lido Beach includes an Orthodox Jewish community in a small town neighborhood with affordable homes and an active shul. There are daily minyanim and classes for all levels. The area features kosher stores, an eruv, a mikveh, easy transportation into Manhattan and Brooklyn, and free busing to all Far Rockaway and Five Town schools. And there is the beauty of the private beaches, even in the non-summer months, and many year-round programs.

On the first night of Chanukah, Sunday, Dec. 2, the Lido Beach Synagogue will host a free lecture titled “Turning Darkness into Light” by the renowned Rabbi Mordechai Becher. All are welcome at 8 pm, at 1 Fairway Road in Lido Beach.