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Platinum milestone for Frances and Izzie Mehl for a Lawrence couple


Few people reach the milestone of 70th years of marriage, and the anniversary kiddush of Frances and Izzie Mehl was an occasion that stirred many people’s hearts. I called up the lovebirds to ask if they would share their wisdom, and I was embraced with open arms.

Having lived in Woodmere for 20 years, the Mehls could be honorary governors, a true neighborhood family that was a quiet driving force behind many local shuls and schools.

For 28 years, the Mehls were the catering engine behind Terrace on the Park. Izzi and his brother Irwin a”h were the team that made dreams come true for many New York couples and charity organizations. Their long hours and hard work made Terrace on the Park a sought-after venue, and holiday catering in hotels around the metropolitan area kept them busy.

Behind the scenes, Frances was a grande dame who welcomed every guest with her warm smile and gracious manner. She created a loving home for their four children—Susan a”h, and ybl”c Stuart, David and Steven. When it came to career paths, each of the Mehl children took their own route. Frances felt the catering business was too demanding for a family.

The Mehls make marriage look easy. Each partner has their own unique place, and each is revered by the other. Maybe that is the clue to their longevity — no bossing around, each appreciated in their own domain.

In more recent years, the Mehls moved from their Woodmere house to a quieter life at Regency Apartments, in the company of good friends, a great neighborhood, wonderful family, and each other.

The Five Towns are blessed to know a couple like the Mehls, who show how beautiful the number 70 can be. May they have many more healthy years together.