It’s Chanukah, SKA style


Even before the eight days of Chanukah began, SKA students gained chizuk from a shiur by Mrs. Michal Horowitz on the miracle of Chanukah.

Sponsored by SPARKS, SKA’s Torah lishma student initiative, Mrs. Horowitz’s words of achdut and appreciation were expressed in honor of Chanukah and a siyum on Trei Asar for learning done in memory of the kedoshim of Pittsburgh.

Later that evening, freshmen lit up the night in a pre-Chanukah party for the grade at the home of ninth-grader Abby Katz.

The true launch of Chanukah festivities began early Monday morning. After davening and saying Hallel, the student body boarded buses. In the relaxed atmosphere of their teachers’ homes, they had the opportunity to bond with teachers and classmates, enjoying the hachnasat orchim of SKA staff.

Chanukah activities continued with a Glow in the Dark Chanukah Chagiga. Wednesday was devoted to sharing the light, with chesed opportunities for each grade. While seniors went to entertain students at the Queens Gymnasia, ninth and tenth-graders engaged IVDU and Otzar participants in Yom Tov projects. Eleventh-graders spent the day preparing clothing drive contributions for shipment to Israel.