HAFTR girls think before they tweet


As part of HAFTR Middle School’s social and emotional learning curriculum led by Dr. Yali Werzberger, director of guidance, seventh grade students are participating in a Digital Citizenship curriculum. They are engaging with technology in a way that allows them to to learn more about the world while expressing themselves and communicating with one another in a positive and adaptive manner.

HAFTR students are learn to maximize the benefits of technology and minimize its deleterious effects through conversations and hands on activities.

Dr. Werzberger is working with the first group of seventh graders on such topics as privacy in the digital age, impulsivityi-driven poor digital decisions and cyberbullying.

Students created posters highlighting each of these topics, and then presented their work to the class. The posters, which are now hanging in HAFTR’s halls, remind the students of the things each of us can do to be a good digital citizen.

The poster pictured here says simply, “Think Before You Tweet.”