From HAFTR, final mitzvah is performed


Several HAFTR high school students were privileged to perform an incredible mitzvah when it was brought to the school’s attention that Leah bat Shlomo Margalit a”h, a Holocaust survivor and member of our community, had passed away. Only one relative was able to attend her funeral.

HAFTR students jumped into action. Liel Amenu, Daniel Bengelsdorf, Isaac Greenstein, Corey Listman, Matthew Macanian, Ethan Rabinowitz, Adir Rauchwerger, Harrison Schwartz, accompanied by HAFTR parents Mrs. Liz Shwartz and Mrs. Sima Greenstein, attended the funeral and joined the minyan to recite Kaddish in her memory.

This true chesed shel emet was an amazing kiddush Hashem and tribute to a survivor.  HAFTR could not be more proud of our students and their incredible middot.