Far Rockaway's Rep. Meeks backs Mayor Mike


Far Rockaway’s member of Congress, Democratic Rep. Gregory Meeks, has endorsed Mike Bloomberg for president.

Meeks is chairman of the Queens Democratic Party and chairman of the Congressional Black Caucus’ Political Action Committee. His 5th Congressional District covers portions of southwest Nassau County and southeast Queens.

“We need someone in the White House who will unite us behind the common purpose of rebuilding our nation’s infrastructure and driving our economy forward into the 21st century,” Meeks said. “Mike Bloomberg will do exactly that.

“As mayor, he made promises with concrete plans to see them through. As president, he will do the same.”

He said Bloomberg would “revitalize overlooked communities, enable wealth creation for working families, and fight back against Donald Trump who continues to threaten our fundamental American values.”

“I worked with Congressman Meeks during my time in City Hall, and his efforts in Washington helped New York City rebuild after Hurricane Sandy,” Bloomberg said, adding that he looked forward to working with Meeks again “after we send the Queens native in the White House on a permanent vacation to Mar-a-Lago.”