ES HANCsters do chesed


The students at HANC Elementary School in West Hempstead have been working hard to raise money for a great cause. During Chanukah, the Student Council ran a Chinese auction, raising over $3,000 for the Israeli organization Tzalash.

In order for the children to understand the impact of their donation, Rabbi Yaron Levy came to address the fifth and sixth graders. Tzalash organizes programs to enable the soldiers to deepen their knowledge of Torah, Gemara and Mishna. It sponsors a special program called “Simchat Yom Rishon” where soldiers from all over join together in large group Torah learning. After a shiur, which often includes 200 soldiers, each person is presented with treats to give them strength as they begin their difficult week.

In addition to large group lessons, Tzalash also provides soldiers with small books designed to fit in their uniform pockets so that they can continue their learning wherever they are positioned.

Over the past six years, 40,000 soldiers have benefitted from this program. Tzalash hopes to expand and reach other parts of the country in the future.

HANC is very proud of this tremendous contribution and hopes that it will enrich the religious lives of the soldiers who benefit from the Torah study.