DRS HS: top 3 graduates


“All-around excellence” is the phrase that comes to mind when thinking of valedictorian Tzvi Heimowitz. A National Merit Scholarship winner, Siemens semifinalist and College Bowl co-captain, Tzvi has distinguished himself in every area. Beyond academics, Tzvi’s volunteer work at OHEL Bais Ezra reveal his compassionate nature.

Tzvi has grown tremendously over the last four years at DRS, and his persistent quest for the truth has led him down the path of knowledge. He plans to continue his studies next year at Yeshivat Migdal Hatorah.

There is almost no area of academic pursuit at DRS in which salutatorian Yosef Mehlman has not achieved excellence. Yosef was an AP Scholar with Honor, captain of the debate team, editor-in-chief of the Spanish Language Journal and member of the math team. His business acumen propelled him to lead the school’s Wharton Investment Club and to serve as business editor of the school newspaper.

For all four years of high school, Yosef attended NCSY Kollel and participated in night seder, as well as the Kulanu mishmar program. DRS wishes him much hatzlacha next year at Gush

Keter Shem Tov awardee Jakey Friedman is the backstop of the grade. More than the goalie of a championship hockey team, he anchors the group, keeping everyone in a state of achdus and simcha. His infectious smile, incredible respect, and constant concern for everyone around him make Jakey beloved by friends and teachers alike. His work with Kulanu is another outlet for his giving nature.

Jakey’s thirst for growth has propelled him to become a true masmid. As he continues on to Yeshivat Shaalvim next year, DRS is confident that Jakey will continue to exemplify the meaning of a keter shem tov.