Who's in the kitchen: Judy Joszef

Decisions, decisions … Finding that perfect Purim costume


I received an invitation to a Purim costume party with a “historical figure theme” a few weeks ago. I love costume parties —until I actually have to come up with a costume. So I tried to come up with some creative ideas.

First on my list was Mary Todd Lincoln. She spoke French fluently, studied drama, music and social graces; by the time she was 20 she was regarded as witty and gregarious. Since I was a teenager, people have been telling me that I looked just like Sally Field, the actress who brilliantly played her in a recent movie. Sally was attractive, talented and very popular. Who didn’t know “The Flying Nun” and “Gidget”! But I would be dressing like Mary Todd Lincoln, not like Sally. Hmmm, not sure I’d want to wear a huge, billowy gown, have my hair braided, pulled back into a low bun and wear flower head pieces. OK, next!

Amelia Earhart. She endured in the American consciousness as one of the world’s most celebrated aviators. Earhart was and is a symbol of the power and perseverance of American women. She opened the field of aviation to women. Amelia became not only the first person to solo anywhere in the Pacific, but also the first person to solo both the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. She was a woman to emulate, and people are always telling me I’m always flying around doing a dozen things at the same time. Of course it’s on land, but I figured it’s close enough. After viewing many images of her I decided I’d like to look a bit more glamorous. OK, next!

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