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Chabad on the march with mezuzahs on LI


With anti-Semitism has been on the rise and Jewish houses of worship under attack, Chabad of Long Island has established the Long Island Mezuzah Campaign to help ensure that every Jewish home in Nassau and Suffolk has a mezuzah. 

With the free mezuzah campaign, begun a few weeks before the High Holy Days, Chabad seeks to bring both spiritual protection to Jews across the region. 

The mezuzah campaign is a reminder to Jews across Long Island that they are part of a “proud, millennia-old tradition and heritage.”

“The mezuzah symbolizes G-d’s protection over a home, as well as the pride its occupants take in their Judaism,” Rabbi Teldon said.

At Chabad of Hewlett, Rabbi Nochem Tenenboim said he was working to make sure every Jewish home in the community has a mezuzah.

“The importance of the mezuzah is a reminder of G-d, and the proper ways to behave,” he said. “Our responsibilities, obligations and privileges are to bring the light of Judaism and Torah not only to inside the house, but to the entire world.”

Rabbi Tenenboim explained that mounting a mezuzah on a doorpost increases Jewish pride, and shows that Jews are happy to continue thousands of years of tradition. “And our love for this [tradition], as many have the custom to kiss the mezuzah,” he said.

Chabad of Long Island board member Arthur Katz, founder of Uniondale-based Knockout Pest Control, is sponsoring the free mezuzah campaign. “The mezuzah is an easy way Jews can connect to their heritage,” he said. 

To request a free mezuzah, go to or call 855-542-4222.