Busy week at YCQ Queens


It was a busy week at the Yeshiva of Central Queens. The JHS girls attended their Shabbaton at the Raleigh Hotel where “we learned how we can achieve happiness by finding moments when Hashem is with us,” Rebecca Szlechter said. “Mrs. Bitton taught us how important it is to understand that Hashem is always with us in every situation,” said Dvora Finkel, and Ruthie Alon said, “I found the ruach at the Shabbaton made us all feel united.”

The YCQ anti-bullying campaign continued with the members of the Mix It Up club visiting the elementary school classes to read to them books about bullying and the danger of it. Books were donated by Assemblyman Michael Simanowitz as part of his support for YCQ’s anti-bullying effort. The idea behind the program is to teach students about the effects that bullying has on a person as well as to teach them the importance of standing up against bullying. Another component of the program attended by the students was a Mix It Up basketball tournament.  Students were placed randomly on teams in order for them to get to know other students they may not otherwise socialize with. Talya Katri said this program is very important, “It teaches us how to treat people with respect and how to get along with others who we might night hang out with on a day-to-day basis.”

Sixth grade students, as part of the language arts curriculum, had a visit from state Department of Environmental Conservation representatives who discussed effects of land pollution using a water table. Students were able to notice world-to-text connections on the environment in “The Giver.” In addition, this connects with the next unit of study—reading nonfiction expository text, and using this information to write an informational essay on environmental issues.

To celebrate Rosh Chodesh Adar, the elementary school students enjoyed Crazy Hat and Sock Day.  Students, faculty and the elementary school administration donned some of the craziest hats.

The YCQ eighth grade students played in the yearly Rebbe-Talmid game.