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‘At the Maggid’s Seder’


This year, once again Rabbi Paysach Krohn has lifted his gifted pen in the service of the Pesach Hagaddah.

The commandment of Sipur Yetzias Mitzrayim, to recount the miracles of our Exodus from Egypt, is one of the most beloved of mitzvos. What better person can we find to tell us those stories than Rabbi Paysach Krohn, the famed “American Maggid.”

In his new commentary published by ArtScroll, “At the Maggid’s Seder — Stories and Insights for Grandeur and Redemption,” we are treated we are treated to Rabbi Krohn’s inclusive and absorbing commentary on the Haggadah. 

Why did the lovely silver dish become a symbol of maror? How did Rav Hutner reach at the Seder when a student spilled wine all over the rosh yeshiva’s kvittle?

Further on we come to appreciate other nuances that give Rabbi Krohn’s method the reputation that he has come to deserve. Major personalities routinely pop up in this commentary, including Rav Pam, Rav Yaakov Kamenetsky, and many others. 

This volume also features teachings from the Bluzhov, Klausenberg, and many others. As you read this volume you will come to better understand and appreciate the sacredness of the Pesach Seder.