Amit salutes 6 Long Islanders

Six distinguished Long Islanders will be honored for their longtime service to AMIT and its 34,000 children at this year’s Greater Long Island Gala, on Tuesday, Oct. 31, 6:30 pm at the …

history alive

‘Balfour 100’ tour opens at Rambam

The commemoration of the centennial of the Balfour Declaration begins on Long Island this Thursday, Oct. 19, when author Edwin Black launches a national “Balfour 100” lecture tour at …


Israel green lights new construction in Hebron

JERUSALEM — An Israeli planning committee has approved the construction of an apartment complex in a Jewish neighborhood of Hebron, a mostly Palestinian city in Judea that’s been a …


Woodmere kids size up fire station

It was show-and-tell at the Woodmere firehouse on Sunday. Among Five Towners taking part: Meyer Gins- berg, 11, tires on an authentic firefighter hat, and Ora Mandelbaum, 3, finds plenty of free …


Orthodox women ordination: It’s easier in Israel

Ever since Rabbi Avi Weiss began training female clergy and appointing them to leadership positions, he’s been mired in controversy. Graduates of his women’s seminary in Riverdale have …


In Jewish Houston, Touro delivers its women power

It was still dark at 5 am, but eleven students from Touro’s Lander College for Women (LCW)—the Anna Ruth and Mark Hasten School—were bright-eyed as they boarded a plane for Houston …


SKA explores outer and inner self; open house this Sunday

We, juniors at the Stella K. Abraham High School for Girls, recently had a fascinating experience connecting our learning …

strictly personal

Weinstein case shows how perps pose as victims

In an interview with The Daily Beast, George Clooney described Harvey Weinstein as a very powerful man with a tendency to hit on young beautiful women over whom he had power. Despite the …

racism in america

Jewish-heavy Florida U braces for Spencer

The University of Florida, home to the largest Jewish student body in the country, was for an on-campus speech on Thursday afternoon by white supremacist leader Richard Spencer …

fighting bds

Adelson-Backed Israel advocates change their sales pitch on campus

WASHINGTON — A group of student leaders from a major American university meets in eastern Jerusalem with Palestinian students on the campus of Al-Quds University …

view from central park

Save the etrog! Keep the joy of Sukkot alive!

You know the scene from the movie “Back To The Future” where the lady is holding a can with a rattling coin, calling: “Save the clock tower! Save the clock tower!” Well, I …


Romanian actors cleverly save Yiddish theater

BUCHAREST, Romania — When the roof of the ornate Jewish State Theater collapsed during a 2014 snowstorm, after which flooding destroyed its wiring, its director reluctantly knew it was finally …


Talented HANCsters sign-up for extra-curricular activitie

At HANC High School, students are offered extra-curricular opportunities through a wide array of clubs, committees, and teams. After Rosh Hashana, the Student Life Department hosted its annual …


At Midreshet Shalhevet, new friends

One of the first trips that Midreshet Shalhevet High School students went on this year was the annual Big Sister-Little Sister trip, a wonderful program which pairs seniors …


Weinstein disgrace nets another nasty caricature

Walking through central London last week, and with a spare half hour on my hands, I decided to pay a quick visit to the National Gallery in Trafalgar Square. Inside, I spent most of my time intently …

israel in america

Israeli-Americans galvanized as a ‘living bridge’

“Today no one talks about Israel in synagogue, because the Jewish leadership doesn’t want to approach a point of conflict,” Shoham Nicolet, CEO of the Israeli-American Council …


Israel’s star is rising in space and satellite tech

Adding to Israel’s existing reputation as the “start-up nation” and a major hub of innova-tion, the Jewish state is a rising star in space and satellite technology. Several key …

kosher bookworm

When Lindsay’s run derailed, he built a sukkah

During the New York City mayoral election of 1969, the incumbent mayor, John V. Lindsay, found himself in an electoral jam for re-election. Having just lost …

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What does it mean to be Modern Orthodox?

While the vast majority of Modern Orthodox Jews believe in G-d, send their kids to Jewish day schools, and make incomes well above the national average, they are less than unanimous in their views on whether women should be rabbis or synagogue presidents,